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Horizon Networks supplies electricity to all types of property in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. This includes homes, farms, new subdivisions, commercial businesses and industrial buildings. For this diverse range of property, we deliver a variety of different electricity connection types and services.

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Getting you connected on time is important to us. It requires a team effort between Horizon Networks, your licensed electrical contractor, your electricity retailer and you.

For full details about the connection process please read our Guide to Obtaining an Electricity Supply Connection.

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Guide to Obtaining and Electrity Supply ConnectionStandard Terms and Conditions of Connection - October 2012

New property?

The electrical wiring installed by your contractor must comply with the relevant electrical regulations and the Horizon Networks Terms and Conditions of Connection. You must be able to prove compliance before electricity is supplied to your premises and you may need a new meter.  It’s important your contractor does their part so electricity supply to your premises can be turned on when you need it.

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Complete a Network Connection Application Form (NC1) and submit it to us for action. Click here to start an online application.

You can complete the form yourself, or get your electrical contractor to do it for you. Please be aware that your supply cannot be energised (ie have power provided) without a contract in place with your chosen retailer - find a retailer here.

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There are advantages to using a contractor authorised to work on the Horizon Networks network – for more information, talk to us.

Capital contribution

For a new connection you’ll need to make a capital contribution towards the cost of making supply available. Horizon Networks’ Capital Contribution Policy, which explains the Direct Capital Contribution Fee and the Infrastructure Development Fee, can be downloaded along with our Frequently Asked Questions information sheet here.

Horizon Energy Capital Contributions Policy


If Horizon Networks’ electricity distribution assets (such as a substation or pylons) are to be installed on land you own or is owned by another third party, a legal easement in favour of Horizon Networks must be registered. Read our Easement Terms for more details. Due to the time required to process easements we have a Deed Granting Easement that can be executed by the applicant immediately, which means you’ll get a quicker connection.

Please note that where your service or distribution main crosses another landowner’s property you are responsible for obtaining a legal easement from the other landowner in your favour.  Also, keep in mind we are not responsible for maintaining, repairing or replacing service or distribution mains owned by you.

Further information on easements can be found in the Horizon Networks Terms and Conditions of Connection.

Our Service Area

Horizon Energy's core business is operating an electricity distribution network comprising of some 2,300km of lines over 8,400 square kilometres in the Eastern Bay of Plenty.


The Horizon Networks Outage App provides a simple way to stay informed on the progress of outages on our network, both planned and unplanned. The App is now available on Google Play and the Apple App Store

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