Galatea Substation Upgrade

Since its construction in the 1960s, the Galatea substation has been supplying the greater Galatea and Murupara areas with electricity for over 50 years. While regularly maintained and serviced, several critical pieces of the substation have reached the end of their technical lives and are in need of replacement. To capitalise on the brief power outage required for such a replacement, Horizon Networks is taking this opportunity to resolve several safety and reliability issues by renovating the substation. Expected to be completed by September 2016, at a cost of $1.3M, this renovation will increase the separation distances between high voltage electrical equipment and improve system redundancy.

What does this mean for you? The new substation layout will improve the reliability of supply and minimise the duration of power outages. It does this by allowing two sets of 33-kilovolt power lines to be operated in parallel and by overcoming the geographic separation from Whakatane through the remote automation of many tasks. Currently, a fault on either 33-kilovolt power line will result in an outage. Once renovated, a fault on either 33-kilovolt power line will be resolved by disabling the affected section of line and allowing the second set to maintain supply until a repair is completed.

This new substation layout furthers our commitment to safety. By increasing the separation between electrical equipment, on-site workers are significantly further away from dangers such as electrocution. This also gives us the opportunity to improve oil containment facilities, reducing the risk of soil contamination and fire.