Horizon Energy Group Announces Flood Relief Package

Horizon Energy Group, and its shareholder, Trust Horizon (formerly Eastern Bay Energy Trust), today announced a relief package for customers in the Edgecumbe evacuation area affected by flooding.

Horizon Energy Group CEO Ajay Anand said “This is one of the worst floods to hit our region, damaging many homes businesses, as well as vital infrastructure. It will take some time for our community to fully recover from this event and we want our customers to know that our thoughts are with them as they rebuild their lives and that we are here ready to support them.”

Horizon Energy Group and its subsidiaries are committed to helping their customers impacted by the flooding and are offering a relief package to support:

  • Domestic customers who have been evacuated and unable to access their properties for an extended period of time with a rebate on fixed line charges; and
  • Those domestic customers who are uninsured and own their own homes with safety and repair assistance to help them through this challenging time.

Horizon Energy Group’s domestic customer relief package includes:

  • All domestic customers connected to the network as at 5 April 2017 in the Edgecumbe evacuation area will receive a rebate on their fixed line charges for a period of 20 days;
  • Horizon Energy Group’s wholly owned subsidiary ElectriServ, will be providing free safety inspections; and
  • A credit of $250, including GST, will be applied to the repair bill for all customers who undertake and complete their repair work with ElectriServ.

“We have worked closely with our electricity retailers to make the rebate as simple and as stress-free as possible for customers, as we appreciate they have far more pressing matters to attend to as they re-occupy their homes. We are also pleased to announce that the majority of retailers have agreed to match our contribution, which is great news for those customers affected” says Mr. Anand.

“The relief package is designed to get people back into their houses safely, and if they choose to use ElectriServ for the repairs, they will receive a credit towards their repair. If the repairs are less than $250, the customer incurs no further costs. The relief package is valued at over $100,000 and is designed to support those most in need” says Mr. Anand.

All eligible domestic market customers will have the rebate applied directly by their retailer and are not required to apply for the rebate, a list of eligible ICPs will be posted on our website accompanying the media release. Customers who want to have a safety inspection or repair work carried, should call ElectriServ on 0800 377 669 to register their details and confirm if they qualify for the relief package.