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Horizon Networks Future Pricing Roadmap

In accordance with the expectations set out by the Electricity Authority, Horizon Networks will be undertaking a review of future pricing structures in order to provide greater transparency that allows for improved consumer choice. In addition, future pricing structures will be transparent, fit-for-purpose in order to be workable for retailers to pass on our charges as we intend to customers, and better reflect our costs to operate, maintain and invest in the network such that we are able to meet consumers’ needs.


Over the next few years we will be undertaking a variety of work streams that will need to be supported by the various stakeholders within the industry in particular the retailers as we progress through this process. There are a number of considerations and prospective changes that we need to investigate, analyse, assess and then consult with you as our stakeholders to determine the best roadmap so as to continue our journey together for the supply of electricity line services.


In order to view a high level overview of Horizon Networks' future pricing review roadmap, please visit