Need to make modifications to an existing power connection? We can help you get an idea of the costs that may be involved.

To give you an indication of cost, here's what we'll need to know.

  • The address of the property you would like us to quote on modifying your power connection.  As the distance of the property from the nearest electrical asset impacts on the cost, if the property is rural and title is not yet issued, if you can give us an indication of the exact location using a lot number, DP number or Google Maps screen shot, this can help us refine our estimate.
  • An indication of the property use – for example, will your connection be powering a family home, or an industrial operation like a pack house or processing plant?
  • Any additional operations/activities that your connection will need to power.  This ensures we base our quote on a connection type will meet your electricity needs.  For example, water pumps, implement sheds etc.
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