Horizon Networks owns, manages and operates the electricity network that serves the Eastern Bay of Plenty region.

One hundred percent owned by the Eastern Bay of Plenty Trust we’re proud to supply our community 24/7.

Find out what area our network covers

Where does our power come from?

Horizon Networks takes supply from Transpower at four grid exit points: Edgecumbe, Kawerau, Waiotahi and Te Kaha. Supply from Edgecumbe is at 33kV and is distributed to Horizon Networks owned 33/11kV substations.

At the other Transpower grid connection locations supply is taken at 11kV to feed directly into Horizon Networks’ distribution network.


Horizon Networks’ network system assets broadly consist of:

  • 33kV, 11kV and 400V lines and cables
  • Zone substation assets including transformers and switchgear
  • Distribution substation assets including distribution transformers
  • Distribution switchgear
  • Ripple injection load control plant
  • Other system fixed assets (SCADA, communication systems)

Our Service Area

Horizon Energy's core business is operating an electricity distribution network comprising of some 2,300km of lines over 8,400 square kilometres in the Eastern Bay of Plenty.


The Horizon Networks Outage App provides a simple way to stay informed on the progress of outages on our network, both planned and unplanned. The App is now available on Google Play and the Apple App Store

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