Thinking about building? We’ll give you an idea of the costs involved in connecting your new home to the network.
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Connection Type

Please choose a connection type below.


Do you have a Retailer

Please select whether you have a Retailer. If not we will provide you with a list of Retailers that operate on our Network.


Contact a Retailer

Please contact an Electricity Retailer of your choice to sign up for electricity, this needs to happen before we provide you a connection to our Network. A selection of Retailers operating on our Network is provided below (clicking the logo will take you to their website) or use PowerSwitch to help decide. Once completed, please proceed to Obtaining a Quote.


Find out about how to notify
us of electricity outages.

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Connect to Solar

Apply now to install Distributed Generation equipment on our network for solar or wind generation.

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Our team of skilled arborists is certified to work closely to power lines and will ensure your trees are trimmed with care.

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