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Planned power outages affecting Te Kaha area

Why is the power going off?

As owner and operator of the National Grid, Transpower needs to carry out two rounds of urgent, essential repair works on a critical piece of electrical equipment at the Te Kaha Substation.

This repair work will minimise further deterioration of this equipment, which, if not maintained, could result in longer, more disruptive outages in future. These repairs will help us to continue to ensure a reliable supply of electricity to Te Kaha area.

Power supply will be turned off to Te Kaha on:

  • Sunday 12 November 2017, from 6:30am – 8:00pm, and
  • Sunday 19 November 2017, from 6:30am – 8:00pm*

* Note, either of these dates could be affected by severe adverse weather.

For information on whether your property is affected, please call your retailer with your customer number.

Preparing for the power outages

1. If you are reliant on electricity for medical support equipment, please contact your medical provider for advice.

2. Turn off all electronic appliances at the wall (microwaves, TVs, DVDs, computers etc).

3. Lift and store enough drinking water from personal water wells before the power goes off.

4. If you are on shift work, fill up your petrol tank the night before – remember pumps and eftpos won’t work.

5. While the power is off, treat all power lines and electrical wiring as being live at all times as it could be restored earlier than planned.