Power at your home, farm or business

If you’re a property owner, you are responsible for the electrical assets that fall within the boundaries of your property, which means:

  • As the distributor of electricity in the Bay of Plenty, we own, manage, and maintain all electrical assets located outside the boundaries of private properties like homes, businesses and farms
  • The 400v electrical assets inside the boundary of a property (power poles and lines, underground cables and power boxes) will in most cases be owned by you, the property owner
  • You are responsible for the management, maintenance and associated costs of these particular assets.  So, if the service line that connects your house/shed/office building to Horizon Networks' power lines in the street is damaged in some way, in many cases you will be responsible for the cost of repairing that line

Stay safe and avoid loss of productivity

Whether you’re running a small business in town or managing a massive rural operation, it’s essential all on-property, privately-owned electricity assets are kept in a safe operating order.

Large farms and businesses with significant electricity needs have specific electricity supply requirements. We’re keen to understand your unique situation so we can create solutions to meet your business needs. 

Leasing a property?

Before leasing any kind of commercial or industrial property, be aware the responsibility for management and maintenance of electricity assets will lie with the property owner, rather than the tenant. Make sure this is clearly stated in the tenancy or lease agreement.