Thank You

On behalf of the Horizon Energy Group, Horizon Networks and its shareholder, the Trust Horizon (formerly Eastern Bay Energy Trust), we wish to express our most sincere gratitude to our consumers who showed their overwhelming support and perseverance as we restored electricity to the region following the effects of the Edgecumbe floods and Cyclone Cook.

The events of the last few weeks have certainly tested the resilience of our community and provide a salient reminder for families, businesses and the wider community to review our preparedness in the event of a natural disaster. While many issues will need to be dealt with on an event by event basis, being prepared will certainly reduce the impact on both our personal circumstances and that of emergency and essential service providers.

Horizon Networks wishes to acknowledge their staff and contractors who worked tirelessly in getting our community switched on. Thank you for putting your community that you serve above your family. You gave up the Easter holidays and family gatherings when duty called. You deserve to know that your work is appreciated and that you have made a difference to a lot of people. We also extend our thanks to your families for allowing you to serve the community you work and live in.

At this time we wish to remind the community affected by flooding in the Edgecumbe evacuation area of our relief package. Horizon Energy Group and its subsidiaries are committed to helping customers impacted by the flooding and are offering this relief package to support them. For more information of this package, please visit www.hegroup.nz/edgecumbe-relief.

As a locally owned business, Horizon Energy Group employs a team of highly experienced tradespeople across the electrical, heating, ventilation and air conditioning / mechanical services, refrigeration, plumbing, drainage, boilers, carpentry and handyman services. We would encourage you to make use of these services that allows us to continue our contributions to our community.