High Load Permit

Before transporting a vehicle or load over five metres in height you’ll need to get a High Load Permit from Horizon Networks. Our power lines are located about five metres above the ground so if you’re planning to transport a vehicle or load higher than our power lines, it may be necessary for us to lift the lines in certain areas, or for one of our contracting staff to escort you along part of your journey.

If you fail to obtain a High Load Permit and cause damage to our network, you could be liable for significant costs for repairs.

Download High Load Application Form

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High Load Request Form

For approval of transport of high load through network area.

Height Minimum Notice Period
4 - 5.2m 5 working days
5.2 - 6m 10 working days
6m +

To be assessed 15+ days

Horizon Networks reserves the right to extend notice periods and decline the requested carriage date.

Please complete the PDF High Load Application form and email to HighLoads@horizonnetworks.nz


Our team of skilled arborists is certified to work closely to power lines and will ensure your trees are trimmed with care.

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