UPDATE Friday, 14 April 2017 15:00 p.m. - Cyclone Cook Power Outages Power Restoration

Horizon Networks wishes to advise customers that cyclone Cook has caused significant damage to power infrastructure supplying the Whakatane, Kawerau and Opotiki districts. The following areas remain without power:

  • 5,400 customers in areas east of Ohiwa Harbour including Waimana, Waiotahi, Opotiki, Te Kaha and Cape Runaway.
  • 2,900 customers in Otawairere, Te Teko, Awaiti, Awakeri, Tauranga Rd east of Matata, Matata, Manawahe, Ruatoki, Herepuru Rd and Otakiri areas.
  • 260 customers in Galatea north of Haumea Road.

Further to our last update we have restored a further 300 customers, there remains 8,500 customers without power across the district. The additional supplies have been restored in the following areas:

  • Angle Road, Thornton Highway and Beach

We are aware parts of the Network in areas that have been restored continue to be without power, if repairs are required they will be carried out once the core network has been restored.

Transpower have staff repairing the fault on the 110kV lines supplying Waimana, Waiotahi, Opotiki, Te Kaha and Cape Runaway regions. They have advised they are expecting to restore the line by 4pm today. We are aware of significant issues in the Waimana region that may limit our ability to restore power to customers and also Otara Road south of McGinley Road.

We will progressively restore the 11kV network through-out the day, however there may still be issues to resolve and customers may experience further power outages. Please bear with us as there is widespread damage to be repaired before some supplies can be restored.

Please be aware we have had multiple reports of lines down around the district, please stay well clear of any low hanging lines and those on the ground.

Horizon Energy Group apologises for any inconvenience this may cause and advises all customers to contact their retailers in the first instance and to treat ALL lines as alive at ALL times.

For more information about preparing for natural disasters or civil emergencies, please visit the Civil Defence website at

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For radio updates listen to your local radio station.