UPDATE Saturday, 15 April 2017 16:13 p.m. Power Restoration Works

Horizon Networks wishes to advise customers that Cyclone Cook has caused significant damage to power infrastructure supplying the Whakatane and Opotiki districts.


As at 4:00pm the following areas remain without power:

Whakatane District

o Otawairere, Burma Road (expected restoration by 6pm)

o Fermah Road

o Taneatua end of Stanley Road

o Te Mahoe to Waiohau and Moodys Lane

o Haumea Road (expected restoration by 6pm)

o Raroa Road (expect part restoration up to 259 by 6pm)

Opotiki District

o Ruatuna Road

o Otara Road South to Waioeka (expected restoration by 6pm)

Further to our last update we have restored a further 600 customers, there remains 600 customers without power across the district. The additional supplies have been restored in the following areas:


o Nukuhou

o Waimana, Matahi Valley

o Eastbank Road and McLeans Road

o Melville Road

o Butler Road

o Poplar Lane

o Awaiti South and side roads including Otakiri Soldiers Road

o Supplies in the evacuated area of Edgecumbe


o Waiotahe Beach

o Omaramutu through to Hawai

We are aware parts of the Network in areas that have been restored continue to be without power, if repairs are required they will be carried out once the main backbone supplying the various areas have been restored.

All going well tomorrow the majority of supplies in the areas still without power should be restored.

Unfortunately given the widespread damage caused, customers should plan to be without power for up to 3 days. Dairy farmers who are concerned about milking and businesses who would like to trade and are without power should make arrangements to install generators.

Our staff are out in the field working hard to restore more of the supplies today, we will provide an update on what supplies are expected to be restored today in our afternoon media release.

We thank everyone for their continued patience.

Please be aware we have had multiple reports of lines down around the district, please stay well clear of any low hanging lines and those on the ground.

The weather forecast is predicting further rain for the district over the coming days, this may result in further outages and delays in restoring supply across the region due to slips and trees. Even customers fortunate to have had their power supplies restored today should prepare themselves for further extended outages.

Horizon Energy apologises for any inconvenience this may cause and advises all customers to contact their retailers in the first instance and to treat ALL lines as alive at ALL times.

For more information about preparing for natural disasters or civil emergencies, please visit the Civil Defence website at People can also follow the Bay of Plenty Civil Defence Facebook page at or visit the Bay of Plenty Civil Defence website at for the latest updates.

For radio updates listen to your local radio station.