Horizon Networks, as part of the Horizon Energy Group, owns, manages and operates the electricity network that serves the Eastern Bay of Plenty region.

We’re proud to care for a network that covers more than 8,000km and supplies more than 24,000 customers, with a maximum demand of 90 MW of electricity.

Maintaining a continuous, safe and reliable supply of electricity while protecting our assets and whanau through excellent health, safety and environmental procedures, is key to our success.

Horizon Networks is a member of the Horizon Energy Group that is 100% owned by Trust Horizon (formerly Eastern Bay Energy Trust) which was set up to provide funding towards energy related purposes for consumers on the Horizon Network. For further information, visit the group’s website at www.hegroup.nz.

Horizon Networks – Keeping our community switched on.



Who does what?

There are four main parties involved in providing electricity to New Zealand:

  • Generators produce electricity at various hydro, gas, coal, geothermal and wind plants throughout New Zealand.
  • Transpower transmits the electricity produced by generators. They operate the national grid - the system of high voltage power lines that allow power stations to send electricity around the country.
  • Network companies (distribution or lines companies), own the power lines and networks in local areas that connect to the national grid and deliver power to businesses and homes.
  • Electricity retailers who sell electricity to business and residential users, including the costs of generation, transmission and distribution. Customers can buy electricity from any retailer they choose.

How we deliver the power to your property


Horizon Networks receives power from Transpower at 33kV or 11kV at four grid exit points (GXPs): Edgecumbe, Kawerau, Waiotahi and Te Kaha. We transport it to our substations at 33kV or 11kV before distributing the electricity on the high voltage network to transformers supplying local homes, farms and businesses.

Lines, poles and cables

The main feeders that carry high voltage power at 33kV or 11kV are mostly overhead lines (80%) and 20% being underground.


Power is transported at high voltage for efficiency and transformed to lower voltages as it gets closer to where it is needed. We have in excess of 3,000 transformers on the network in order to supply our customers. Most customers take supply at 230V.

Network Control System

To manage the complex distribution of power and isolate faults we use a computer-based control and outage management system, overseen by Network Controllers, who help to direct repairers to the source of faults, keep the field crew safe, and manage the flow of electricity through the system.

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