Working near power lines can be fatal or lead to serious injury.  Minimum safe distances are set out in NZECP34. Be aware of the dangers of power lines and keep yourself safe. If you are planning to work near our Network, please apply for a close approach consent.

Close Approach Consent

A Close Approach Consent is required for any of the following activities near Horizon Network assets;

  • working within 4 metres of overhead power lines
  • working above overhead lines
  • trimming or felling trees within 2 tree lengths of overhead lines
  • digging within 5 metres of any pole or stay wire supporting an overhead line
  • digging within 12 metres of any tower supporting an overhead power line
  • digging near underground power cables or communication cables

Please apply for consent (below) a minimum of 5 working days prior to the planned start date if you are planning to work within four metres of overhead power lines or to excavate within five metres of a power pole. For emergency work, (Health & Safety of Civil Defence requiring close approach consent) please call 0800 HORIZON.

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Close Approach Consent Application

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Our team of skilled arborists is certified to work closely to power lines and will ensure your trees are trimmed with care.

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